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MAXELL T180-GX Standard Grade VHS Video Tape (3 Tapes)

$13.95 US

 eBay Auctions: 165
Amazon Auctions: 254
ZooScape Auctions: 0
Craigslist Classifieds: 78
Google Search Listings: 317
MSN Search Listings: 119
Yahoo Search Listings: 303

The T180 is able to generating 3 hour recordings at widely wide-spread velocity and up to nine hours at extra-long velocity. Important tape durability is able to withstanding the everyday demands of multipurpose recording. Creates constantly top-rated consequences even if recording in extended-play modes (LP/ELP). Really worth bearing in mind in your universal video recording wants.

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$34.94 US

 eBay Auctions: 245
Amazon Auctions: 162
ZooScape Auctions: 0
Craigslist Classifieds: 68
Google Search Listings: 243
MSN Search Listings: 130
Yahoo Search Listings: 61

Vinyl list cleaner comes with 2 oz of liquid cleaner and a velvet pile brush for weeding out filth.

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Cobra 29-NW Classic CB Radio

$149.99 US

 eBay Auctions: 125
Amazon Auctions: 65
ZooScape Auctions: 0
Craigslist Classifieds: 55
Google Search Listings: 72
MSN Search Listings: 90
Yahoo Search Listings: 222

SWR permits antenna calibration. Full four watts RF force output. Front panel microphone connector. 9' microphone cord. Tactile keeps an eye on.

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Coleman PML8000Y Rechargeable Handheld Spotlight

$24.99 US

 eBay Auctions: 157
Amazon Auctions: 346
ZooScape Auctions: 0
Craigslist Classifieds: 57
Google Search Listings: 448
MSN Search Listings: 108
Yahoo Search Listings: 237

Lined by 2-year guarantee; has locking trigger, metallic striking hook, and AC and DC adaptors. Rechargeable hand held spotlight; cordless operation; fully moveable. Produces a clear, bright beam with polished reflector; could very well be noticeable up to one mile away. Successful 55-watt halogen bulb; candlepower of one million; 4.5 amps in step with hour. Gives you 30 minutes of continuous use after fully charged; LED indicators after to recharge.

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Stanley 84-880 8" MaxGrip Self-Adjusting Pliers

$17.80 US

 eBay Auctions: 133
Amazon Auctions: 335
ZooScape Auctions: 0
Craigslist Classifieds: 66
Google Search Listings: 421
MSN Search Listings: 103
Yahoo Search Listings: 299

These MaxGrip Pliers are 8(203mm) long. Self adjusting 6 or 8 Pliers. One hand adjustment as much as 1-7/16 . Twin subject material care for for improved gripping. Ergonomic shape for highest convenience in all purposes.

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Maserbuilt Hitch-Haul Triple Bike Rack Accessory

$24.99 US

 eBay Auctions: 229
Amazon Auctions: 191
ZooScape Auctions: 0
Craigslist Classifieds: 94
Google Search Listings: 265
MSN Search Listings: 133
Yahoo Search Listings: 163

Formulated to be used with the Hitch-HaulĀ® cargo provider. Bring as much as 3 motorcycles. Contains a tie-down strap and 3 U-shaped metal, stabilizing give a boost to palms.

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K&N 33-2129 Replacement Air Filter

$60.08 US

 eBay Auctions: 29
Amazon Auctions: 73
ZooScape Auctions: 0
Craigslist Classifieds: 65
Google Search Listings: 60
MSN Search Listings: 50
Yahoo Search Listings: 297

Chevrolet P/U 1999
K&N filters are made of cotton gauze material (instead of paper) sandwiched between two layers of the fine aluminum mesh which creates a grid-like effect, straightening and cleaning the air, resulting in dramatic airflow increases
Translates into improved power throughout the entire RPM range
Horsepower improvements vary, but as you can see from the dyno chart, a 5 to 10 horsepower increase is common
All this, plus you'll never have to buy another filter again! K&N filters can be cleaned over and over, and are backed by a million mile limited warranty

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Milwaukee 9078-22 18 Volt 3/4 in. Drive Impact Wrench Kit

$725.00 US

 eBay Auctions: 141
Amazon Auctions: 210
ZooScape Auctions: 0
Craigslist Classifieds: 79
Google Search Listings: 266
MSN Search Listings: 99
Yahoo Search Listings: 241

One of the most torque of any cordless impact wrench - 325 feet. lbs. Wonderful balance and soft-grip deal with. Reversible battery pack makes stepping into tight spaces basic. Variable speed switch for total user regulate, 0-1,350 RPM. Complete Year Guarantee.

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 eBay Auctions: 21
Amazon Auctions: 232
ZooScape Auctions: 0
Craigslist Classifieds: 10
Google Search Listings: 299
MSN Search Listings: 25
Yahoo Search Listings: 102

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 eBay Auctions: 21
Amazon Auctions: 322
ZooScape Auctions: 0
Craigslist Classifieds: 10
Google Search Listings: 419
MSN Search Listings: 25
Yahoo Search Listings: 102

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