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Sony TCM-929 Pressman Desktop Cassette Recorder with Automatic Shut-Off

$26.99 US

 eBay Auctions: 35
Amazon Auctions: 184
ZooScape Auctions: 0
Craigslist Classifieds: 76
Google Search Listings: 214
MSN Search Listings: 48
Yahoo Search Listings: 269

Sleek desktop cassette recorder with built-in microphone. 3-digit tape counter for simpler looking out. Earphone jack; microphone jack. Complete computerized shut-off releases the buttons in play, report, FF and rewind modes to save lots of put on and batteries. Runs on four AA batteries or with integrated AC adaptor.

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Sangean ATS-909 All Band Digital Shortwave World Band Receiver

$389.00 US

 eBay Auctions: 131
Amazon Auctions: 154
ZooScape Auctions: 0
Craigslist Classifieds: 22
Google Search Listings: 214
MSN Search Listings: 75
Yahoo Search Listings: 68

AM/FM stereo with continuous insurance policy. 261 short-wave frequencies. ATS auto-tune device. nine kHz/10 kHz switch for overseas reception. five tuning tools for accurate frequency input.

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Mag Instrument RX1019 Heavy-Duty Rechargeable Flashlight System

$110.76 US

 eBay Auctions: 227
Amazon Auctions: 206
ZooScape Auctions: 0
Craigslist Classifieds: 76
Google Search Listings: 298
MSN Search Listings: 121
Yahoo Search Listings: 73

High-intensity adjustable mild beam. Grants up to 1,000 hours of battery lifestyles. Sealed O-rings for water and shock resistance. 360-degree charging ring recharges in any position. Limited lifetime guarantee.

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Technics SL-1200MK2PK Turntable

$699.99 US

 eBay Auctions: 43
Amazon Auctions: 93
ZooScape Auctions: 0
Craigslist Classifieds: 9
Google Search Listings: 131
MSN Search Listings: 24
Yahoo Search Listings: 11

Top torque for speedy starts. Highly touchy, low-mass tone arm with gimbal suspension. Quartz-synthesizer, direct-drive turntable (cartridge/stylus not protected). Definitely quartz-locked, continuous-pitch adjustment up to +/-8 %. Unwavering quartz direct-drive accuracy.

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Linksys EZXS55W EtherFast 10/100 5-Port Workgroup Switch

$29.99 US

 eBay Auctions: 51
Amazon Auctions: 129
ZooScape Auctions: 0
Craigslist Classifieds: 10
Google Search Listings: 180
MSN Search Listings: 28
Yahoo Search Listings: 11

10/100 dual-speed per-port car sensing. Fabulous for optimizing 10-BaseT and 100-BaseTX hardware at the comparable community. Uplink port for easy expansion and most scalability. Succeed in speeds of as much as 200 Mbps in full-duplex operation. Eliminate bandwidth constraints and solve bottlenecks.

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Monster Cable MP HTS800 Home Theater PowerCenter HTS800

$99.99 US

 eBay Auctions: 107
Amazon Auctions: 268
ZooScape Auctions: 0
Craigslist Classifieds: 39
Google Search Listings: 331
MSN Search Listings: 87
Yahoo Search Listings: 270

Monster Fresh Power Level one v2.0 filter to produce noise-free drive for your sensitive electronic materials. 8 ft. Monster AC drive cable with FlatProfile exact attitude plug affords flexibility for installations. Color-coded, classified retailers and matching wire labels for easy hookup. Eight retailers overall, along with 3 spaced for use with AC adapter transformers. Audible and visible indicators for damage, safeguard, and floor fame monitoring.

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Garmin eTrex GPS with Waterproof Exterior (Yellow)

$139.99 US

 eBay Auctions: 203
Amazon Auctions: 63
ZooScape Auctions: 0
Craigslist Classifieds: 91
Google Search Listings: 91
MSN Search Listings: 119
Yahoo Search Listings: 162

World positioning approach (GPS) receiver repeatedly tracks and uses up to 12 satellites. Calculates contemporary and traditional velocity, time of daybreak and sunset, vacation distance, and more. Automatic song log--10 kept tracks will let you retrace your course in both guidelines. Tough waterproof case; runs for 18 hours on 2 AA batteries. Compatible with not obligatory Garmin MapSource tool for downloading vacation and waypoint documents (not map appropriate).

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Pioneer PD-F1009 301-Disc Changer

$325.00 US

 eBay Auctions: 171
Amazon Auctions: 60
ZooScape Auctions: 0
Craigslist Classifieds: 77
Google Search Listings: 87
MSN Search Listings: 100
Yahoo Search Listings: 133

301-CD file-type changer. CD-R and CD-RW playback. CD Textual content compatibility. five programmable custom documents. 1-bit digital-to-analog converter.

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Linksys BEFSR41 EtherFast Cable/DSL Router with 4-Port 10/100 Switch

$59.99 US

 eBay Auctions: 75
Amazon Auctions: 31
ZooScape Auctions: 0
Craigslist Classifieds: 67
Google Search Listings: 39
MSN Search Listings: 50
Yahoo Search Listings: 118

Connects 4 PCs to the Internet by way of a uncompounded IP deal with. Integrated 4-Port 10/100 swap for sharing broadband. Securely attach out of your dwelling house office to the company network because of VPN. Entails DHCP server or consumer and supports PPPoE. Configurable because of Web browser.

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Brother DR400 Replacement Drum Cartridge

$179.99 US

 eBay Auctions: 83
Amazon Auctions: 321
ZooScape Auctions: 0
Craigslist Classifieds: 68
Google Search Listings: 424
MSN Search Listings: 56
Yahoo Search Listings: 134

Alternative drum cartridge. Compatible with Brother HL-1240, 1250, 1270N, MFC-8300, and others. Brings in roughly 20,000 pages. Quality printing on quite a few printing shares. Works with blend fax/copy/scan printers.

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