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Canon EOS Rebel 2000 35mm SLR Camera Kit with 28-80mm Lens

$440.99 US

 eBay Auctions: 179
Amazon Auctions: 151
ZooScape Auctions: 0
Craigslist Classifieds: 75
Google Search Listings: 207
MSN Search Listings: 105
Yahoo Search Listings: 140

Autofocus 35mm SLR with full manual features. 28 to 80mm zoom lens blanketed. Retractable built-in flash. 7-point autofocus formulation. 35-zone exposure sensor.

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Olympus Stylus Epic QD CG Date 35mm Camera

$119.99 US

 eBay Auctions: 243
Amazon Auctions: 108
ZooScape Auctions: 0
Craigslist Classifieds: 33
Google Search Listings: 131
MSN Search Listings: 157
Yahoo Search Listings: 275

Active classification multi-beam autofocus device. Thoroughly automatic operation. Shrewd variable-power flash. Spot Mode provides pinpoint publicity accuracy. Bright, zero.45X real-image viewfinder.

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Polaroid 600 Instant Film (4 Pack)

$24.99 US

 eBay Auctions: 35
Amazon Auctions: 214
ZooScape Auctions: 0
Craigslist Classifieds: 9
Google Search Listings: 285
MSN Search Listings: 24
Yahoo Search Listings: 44

4-pack film for JobPro digicam. six hundred Platinum Collection fast film. 10 portraits per field. Brighter, sharper, bolder, faster.

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Gilmour 1034050 3/4" x 50' Flexogen Garden Hose

$29.99 US

 eBay Auctions: 59
Amazon Auctions: 260
ZooScape Auctions: 0
Craigslist Classifieds: 54
Google Search Listings: 348
MSN Search Listings: 37
Yahoo Search Listings: 73

Garden hose measuring 50 feet by 3/4 inches. Patented 6-ply construction; polished surface resists abrasions, stains, and mildew. Light-weight; resists kinks; coils and handles actually in all weather. Burst strength of 500 PSI; crush-resistant brass couplings. Protected by an entire lifetime substitute policy.

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Olympus D-360L 1.2MP Digital Camera

$139.99 US

 eBay Auctions: 251
Amazon Auctions: 64
ZooScape Auctions: 0
Craigslist Classifieds: 86
Google Search Listings: 108
MSN Search Listings: 135
Yahoo Search Listings: 93

1.2 megapixel sensor captures adequate element for photo-quality five x 7 prints. 2x virtual zoom lens with autofocus. Included 8 MB SmartMedia card holds 13 portraits at default resolution. Connects with Macs and PCs by way of serial port. Uses 4 AA batteries (included).

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Black & Decker BV-006 Blower/Vacuum Leaf Collection System

$42.95 US

 eBay Auctions: 235
Amazon Auctions: 182
ZooScape Auctions: 0
Craigslist Classifieds: 84
Google Search Listings: 262
MSN Search Listings: 128
Yahoo Search Listings: 101

Deposits leaves and debris right away into trash may. eight foot hose covers a sixteen foot circular diameter from the trash may. Fits all Black & Decker blower vac luggage. Adjustable properly with draw string adjusts to any size trash may. 30 day no-risk pride assure and full two-year assurance.

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Polaroid Spectra Film Twin Pack

$30.99 US

 eBay Auctions: 227
Amazon Auctions: 52
ZooScape Auctions: 0
Craigslist Classifieds: 83
Google Search Listings: 81
MSN Search Listings: 129
Yahoo Search Listings: 141

Film for instant cameras--2 packs of 10. 3- to 5-minute creating time. Stronger color efficiency. Sharper image.

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Polaroid Spectra 1200SI Instant Camera Kit

$109.99 US

 eBay Auctions: 51
Amazon Auctions: 197
ZooScape Auctions: 0
Craigslist Classifieds: 61
Google Search Listings: 251
MSN Search Listings: 42
Yahoo Search Listings: 149

Quick camera with top class good points. Uses Polaroid Spectra Platinum film. 10-zone autofocus, automatic flash, and digital viewfinder. Selectable self-timer, picture adjustment on regulate panel. one pack of Polaroid Spectra Platinum film incorporated.

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Steiner 10x50 Military/Marine Binocular

$839.00 US

 eBay Auctions: 59
Amazon Auctions: 315
ZooScape Auctions: 0
Craigslist Classifieds: 62
Google Search Listings: 408
MSN Search Listings: 47
Yahoo Search Listings: 157

10x magnification and highest brightness for low-light cases. Area of view of 327 feet at one,000 yards. Waterproof and shock resistant. 17-millimeter eye remedy and gentle rubber eyecups for soft viewing. 10-year restricted warranty.

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 eBay Auctions: 67
Amazon Auctions: 153
ZooScape Auctions: 0
Craigslist Classifieds: 63
Google Search Listings: 193
MSN Search Listings: 51
Yahoo Search Listings: 157

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