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Stories & Sounds of Yesterday: Snowbound

 Manufacturer: House of White Birches

EAN: 9780191031960

eBay (last 12 months)
Auctions: 51
Price Range: $13.84 - 15.93
Craigslist (last 12 months)
Classifieds: 9
Price Range: $14.06 - 16.36
Amazon Used (last 12 months)
Auctions: 83
Price Range: $13.68 - 15.19
ZooScape (last 12 months)
Auctions: 0
Price Range: N/A
Google listings (non-affiliate) 107
MSN listings (non-affiliate) 36
Yahoo listings (non-affiliate) 75
Warranty: N/A


Product Description
A group of delightful stories and sounds of yesterday, at the beginning from old-time radio and television declares. There are 3 audio cassettes packaged in a gorgeous case. The stories consist of: The Three S's by Lila Kint, Who Stole Miller's Hill? by R.C. McIntyre, The Snow Instruct by Elsbeth A. Tucker, The Day of the Sled by Victor Caccamise, The Snowfall of '49 by Grace Sylvester, A Snowfall Hits Wistful Vista, On Reflection by Ken Tate, Blissful New Year! by Laura Steele, Ringing in the New Year by Harriet Whipple, A Toast to Yesterday by Audrey Van Lieshout, Omit Julie's Box Supper by Erwin J. Benne, New Year's Eve Baby-Sitter (Father Knows Leading), Pasttimes of Yesteryear by Myra A. Peabody, The Clothesline Taffy Pull by Beverly Baxter, Residence Parties by Mrs. Thomas Zahno, Lamplight United states, Winter Evenings by Hulda E. Hill, We Loved the Snow by Emery Young, These City Young people! by Irene Clark, The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere by The Four Notes, Ice Cubes, Everyone? by Rod Peabody, Snowbound! by Clarice Rainey, and Recall the Sleigh Rides by Harriet Whipple.
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    Stories & Sounds of Yesterday: Snowbound