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The World's Greatest Old-time Radio Shows: "Burns and Allen" and "Dragnet"

 EAN: 9780191081965

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Product Description
There are cassettes. Burns and Allen-- George Burns and Gracie Allen have been performers who successfully moved their stand-up comedy act to radio. The audiences beloved Gracie, she used to be too dainty and ladylike for every person to even conceive disliking her. As George soon learnt! He used to be quoted as saying I learned that if I blew a pant of cigar smoke in Gracies direction the viewers may hate me! Dragnet used to be a thirty-minute police drama offering actual instances taken from the files of the Los Angeles Police Division. Jack Webb directed Dragnet and also played Detective Sergeant Joe Friday, the famous person of the train, who had remained a bachelor and still lived at domestic with his mother. It used to be one of the first radio shows to interrupt the silence against dramatising sex crimes and child murders.
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    The World's Greatest Old-time Radio Shows: "Burns and Allen" and "Dragnet"