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Siberian Journey: Down the Amur to the Pacific 1856 - 1857

Enlarge Photo

 Manufacturer: The University of Wisconsin Press

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Product Description
'A Re-creation of A Voyage Down The Amoor' - P.M. Collins,opportunist,adventurer,writer,businessman,and promoter,journeyed by Siberia and down the 2690 mile Amur river to the Pacific Ocean in 1856 as Commercial Broker of the United States for the Amur. The first American to navigate this river from source to mouth,Collins wrote an account of his expeditions, which used to be released in 1860 below the name 'A Voyage Down The Amoor. The e book used to be an extraordinary expression of the expansive,confident and ambitious America of his era and proved so in style that it used to be reissued in 1864. Charles Vevier has edited Collins' e book substantially, presenting an interpretive advent and explanatory notes. The result's an exquisite,first-hand account of a space and a individuals as mysterious to us as they were to the mid-nineteenth-century Americans but even more deserving of our recognition...
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    Siberian Journey: Down the Amur to the Pacific 1856 - 1857
    Enlarge Photo