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PalmOne IIIx Handheld

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 More advantageous LCD display screen for extended viewing at angles and in both dim and vibrant gentle. 4 MB garage capability. Infrared transceiver. Open expansion slot for feasible add-on hardware and retention upgrade cards. What is in the field: Palm IIIx, Stylus, 2 AAA batteries, HotSync cradle with serial cable, DB-25 adapter, Defensive engulf, Organizer and Laptop functions, Handbook.

Brand: Palm

Manufacturer: PalmOne

Model: 80301U

MPN: 80301U

Height: 4.3 inches
Width: 7.9 inches
Length: 13.3 inches
Weight: 2.7 pounds

EAN: 0782494441841

UPC: 782494441841

eBay (last 12 months)
Auctions: 91
Price Range: $23.07 - 30.06
Craigslist (last 12 months)
Classifieds: 49
Price Range: $24.17 - 31.37
Amazon Used (last 12 months)
Auctions: 153
Price Range: $22.79 - 31.96
ZooScape (last 12 months)
Auctions: 0
Price Range: N/A
Google listings (non-affiliate) 197
MSN listings (non-affiliate) 63
Yahoo listings (non-affiliate) 148
Warranty: 2 years parts and labour


Product Description
The subsequent evolution within the award-winning Palm III collection, the Palm IIIx organizer will give you two times the powers of recall of alternative Palm devices, an advanced LCD display for razor-sharp clarity, and an open powers of recall slot for room to increase. Carry 1000s of names, addresses, phone amounts, appointments, to-do�s, or even e mail desirable at your fingertips. The Palm IIIx organizer is small, shrewdpermanent, easy-to-use and wholly hooked up to your laptop PC. Forget about messy paper schedules, to-do lists and sticky notes. The Palm IIIx organizer will simplify your existence. Product Review
The Palm IIIx includes at the custom of the sexy and commonly used Palm line of PDAs. With its 4MB powers of retention, this connected organizer is rated to hold 12,000 focuses on, five years of appointments, 3,000 to-do objects, 3,000 memos, and 400 electronic mail messages. The x in IIIx stands for expandable, and the Palm IIIx supplies powers of retention growth with an internal slot for upgrade playing cards.

Installation the Palm IIIx was once easy--we just inserted batteries, connected the cradle to a machine PC serial port, dropped within the utility CD-ROM, and followed the set up wizard.

You might navigate via the Palm IIIx's predominant applications--memo pad, to-do list, tackle booklet, and calendar--with six push buttons or by tapping the stylus at the backlit exhibit. Palm OS 3.1 enables drag-and-drop linking to Microsoft Phrase or Excel and offers network synchronization and automated configuration with Microsoft Outlook. The CD-ROM that includes the Palm IIIx gives all of the helpful utility to cope initiatives on your machine, too.

The Palm IIIx is PC- and Mac-compatible (an inexpensive MacPac connection equipment is needed for Mac clients), and, as with the PalmPilot Specialist, the Palm IIIx uses the industry-acclaimed HotSync science to exchange archives together with your machine PC. The documentation is large and smartly written; it incorporates a Getting Begun card, a handbook, a software-and-resource advisor, and an accessory catalog.

In our attempt of the Graffiti Power Writing function, which allows you to write at the Palm IIIx by way of Graffiti's shorthand alphabet, the Palm IIIx interpreted a whole paragraph without a errors. We easily and efficaciously transmitted the text to another equipment via the infrared transceiver. We found Palm IIIx's growth slot beneath its screen. While powers of retention upgrade playing cards aren't yet plausible from 3Com, other manufacturers do make suitable playing cards.

With its accelerated powers of retention and OS 3.1, the Palm IIIx is a brilliant evolutionary step within the Palm line. <i>--Mike Brown</i>

<ul> <li>Expandable for viable add-on hardware and powers of retention upgrade playing cards <li>Easy to set up, be told, and exploit <li>Widely supported by third-party utility, shareware, and freeware </ul>

<ul> <li>None </ul>

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    PalmOne IIIx Handheld
    Enlarge Photo