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Polder Cooking Thermometer with Timer and Clock

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 Hand washable; AAA battery blanketed. Virtual thermometer with cord and 7-inch probe. Pre-settable temperature variety in Celsius or Fahrenheit. LCD readout on magnetized reveal gives inner temperature. Self reliant timer can be utilized as easy kitchen clock.

Brand: Polder

Manufacturer: Polder

Model: 601-90

Height: 1 inches
Width: 5 inches
Length: 4.5 inches
Weight: 0.19 pounds

EAN: 0047188601902

UPC: 047188601902

eBay (last 12 months)
Auctions: 243
Price Range: $31.67 - 41.54
Craigslist (last 12 months)
Classifieds: 87
Price Range: $22.65 - 33.53
Amazon Used (last 12 months)
Auctions: 15
Price Range: $30.68 - 40.94
ZooScape (last 12 months)
Auctions: 0
Price Range: N/A
Google listings (non-affiliate) 47
MSN listings (non-affiliate) 127
Yahoo listings (non-affiliate) 62
Warranty: 5 years parts and labour


Product Description
This electronic cooking thermometer with probe cooks meats based on your taste level - from uncommon to good executed - with out the guesswork. Really insert the chrome steel probe into your meat, attach the probe to the base unit situated backyard the oven or barbecue, and software for your general temperature. The large LCD readout shows the internal temperature of the nutrients all through cooking. A noisy alarm sounds after the internal temperature is met, and high/low and contained in the selection temperature signals can be programmed. A 24-hour countdown or countup timer operates independently of the thermometer, and a clock shows the time for your selection of twelve or 24 hour settings.
Range of 14 - 392°F/-10 - 200C.
Probe wire is 39 long. Calls for AAA battery (incorporated). 365 days warranty. Product Review
Polder's cooking thermometer with timer and clock rids cooking of inner temperature guesswork. Insert the 7-inch probe and set the alarm temperature--in Celsius or Fahrenheit. The giant LCD readout at the magnetized reveal grants the inner temperature regularly right through cooking. The loud five-minute alarm will provide you with various time to respond. Additionally, once not in make use of, the independent timer could very well be used as a easy kitchen clock. <I>--Madeleine Miller</I>
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    Polder Cooking Thermometer with Timer and Clock
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